Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is the chosen design partner for Matt’s Maker Space. Once a space has been chosen, we employ the talents of the Children’s Museum of PIttsburgh to assess, evaluate, design and create the actual physical space. The staff of the Museum accompany us on our first visit to a location and prepare a design for the space. In addition, all of the materials to create the design can be procured through the museum or in some case, the Museum prepares a purchase list for the space. Once the space is completed, Matt’s Maker Space contracts with the Museum to provide training for the maker teachers. This is done at a “boot camp” at the Museum or in a customized workshop.

We hosted the “kickoff” event for Matt’s Maker Space at the Museum in October 2018. It was a great night of exploring, making and creating. Attendees were able to maker high tech and lo tech creations, as well as explore the “Garage” area of the Museum which includes many STEAM focused exhibits. Attendees were treated to kid-friendly food and were able to mingle with each other. A short program explained the purpose and mission of Matt’s Maker Space, Inc. We are grateful for all the attendees and supporters that evening. We were able to raise over $10,000 and kick off our 501(c)3 status.

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