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Who Was Matt?


Matt Conover lost a courageous battle with cancer in 2002 when he was just 12 years old.

He was always interested in hands-on learning, building with Legos and letting his creativity and imagination guide him.

In 2016, the Conover family honored Matt’s memory by establishing seven “maker spaces” in the Mt. Lebanon Elementary school libraries.

Matt’s Maker Space was created to offer maker opportunities to schools, libraries, and hospitals.

Matt would have been 31 years old on July 14, 2020.  Matt’s Maker Space is our family’s way of keeping his memory alive and helping children everywhere to learn in unique and different ways.  We think he’d be proud.

Listen to his story...

Matt's story with Children's Hospital began in 2002, but the partnership between them and Matt's Maker Space has continued to grow. Listen to Noelle Conover tell her story with Children's from the time when Matt was a patient there to her work with them now. 

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