Foster Elementary

Matt’s Makerspace at Foster Elementary School has become a fitting tribute to Matt, a Foster graduate and neighbor. Students are now exposed to a variety of tools and learning strategies with a focus on “learn to learn” by providing hands-on, project-based learning opportunities. The combination of technology and the maker movement have given the students the chance to create some amazing work using things like the vinyl cutter, robots, sewing machine, building materials, and recycled objects.

Highlights include a 5th grade graphic design unit, 4th graders using stop-motion claymation, 3rd graders building a Little Free Library out of wood as a community service project, 2nd graders learning to code by building their own video games, and 1st graders creating and testing their own parachutes. Even the youngest students, kindergarteners, have learned to correctly use different hardware and software and have had an introduction to the engineering and design process. During lunch time, students have taken advantage of TinkerTime to create snowglobes, electronic cards, jewelry, pillows, dolls and so much more. We look forward to more innovative and exciting learning opportunities!

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