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Foster Elementary

Matt’s Maker Space at Foster Elementary School has become a fitting tribute to Matt, a Foster graduate and neighbor. There are spaces dedicated to textiles, recycled materials, robotics, and building materials, along with sewing space, legos, a laser cutter, wood carver, and 3D printers. When designing the space, the team emphasized making a kid-friendly and accessible layout, organizing the room by various uses.

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During lunch time and before and after school, the space is open for TinkerTime, where activities in the space are guided by student interest, including pillows made from old clothes and learning about embroidery, creating a relaxed, welcoming environment. During class time, the space is also used by classes for projects like egg drops, building bridges and dioramas, and coding robotics. Other projects include graphic design, Claymation, construction of a Free Library, and parachute testing.

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