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Matt’s Maker Space at Hoover Elementary is located in a resource room adjacent to the library. Over the summer, the space was transformed into an innovative maker lab by Hoover’s Maker SpaceTeam. The team was determined to create a one-of- a-kind space that was different from the standard classrooms. The team painted walls, hung inspirational quotes and lights, and created original artwork made from upcycled materials. One of the highlights of the maker space are the large industrial metal letters hanging on the wall that spell out the stages of the engineering design process (pictured below). It’s a wonderful visual to show students that making is a never-ending cycle.

You’re never truly “done” creating. We are always imagining and improving ourdesigns. Sometimes it’s “full-steam ahead” and other times, we have to go back and rework an idea. The process is not going to be perfect. A few of the letters on the wall were intentionally left off (paper cutouts were used instead) to illustrate that imperfection is OK..


Hoover’s students and staff have embraced Matt’s Maker Space and the maker mindset with great enthusiasm! Teachers bring their classes to the space to create, invent, tinker and problem-solve. They solve engineering design challenges, create projects with upcycled materials, and respond creatively to literature. To date, most projects use low-tech tools; however, we hope to add a few high-tech tools over the next couple of year. Matt’s Maker Space also includes several robotic devices that will be used to teach computer programming to students this year.

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