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Mellon Middle School

Mellon Middle School of Mt. Lebanon is still preparing for its grand opening in Fall 2021, as Covid-19 has kept students from using the space. Teachers and students alike are looking forward to using the space for a number of activities. Cricut will be used to create stickers, t-shirt designs, and other décor and merchandise for student businesses and the Mellon School Store, and 3D printers were used during remote learning to print tools to prevent spread of germs as part of the Design to Make a Difference challenge.

They also have a number of robotics and coding tools, including EV3, micro:bits, Edison robots, and Cozmo robots. They also have a laser cutter, which will be used for enrichment classes, sewing machines which will be used in Family and Consumer Sciences courses, and a green screen room with production equipment, to be used on a daily basis to broadcast morning announcements across the school.

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