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Mt. Lebanon Public Library

Since 2018, Matt’s Maker Space has partnered with Mt. Lebanon Public Library for its A Year of Making programming, where they hold sessions and events to introduce kids and teens to all sorts of STEAM education. The Mt. Lebanon Library’s Learning Lab is often the site for these investigations, a flexible space for both hands-on and lecture-style learning, which they note was a priority in designing their space. They also have a number of portable storage units to allow activity to take place across the library. It is a highly visible space, encouraging library visitors to participate and engage in the program.


Projects funded by Matt’s Maker Space include sound recording studios, computer programming, robotics, animation, math and science labs, art classes, welding, and horticulture, along with a library-wide STEAM festival. They have also partnered with other organizations to hold sessions on photography, printmaking, and pottery. In the upcoming Fall of 2021, Mt. Lebanon Library is kicking off their children's After School STEAM program and STEAM Book Club!

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