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Matt's Maker Space Spotlight: Mt. Lebanon Library

Matt’s Maker Space and Mt. Lebanon Public Library is a partnership we’ve been loving since 2017! Our partnership has been helping provide programming throughout the library for residents of Mt. Lebanon. Many of their programs take place in their Learning Lab or throughout the library as the library is an adaptable space for all of their projects needs.

While there may not be a designated Matt’s Maker Space in the library, they host varieties of events and activities all engaging with residents in a multitude of different ways.

Programming at Mt. Lebanon Library is typically aimed at children of different ages, from elementary to teens. Their summer time events are very popular, but also have more programs that work in tandem after school during the school year for kids. The programs offered provide a wide variety of maker-related programs and also involve local community partners. The library is able to host in different areas of the library, using the Learning Lab, sound studios, and outdoor areas for welding and horticulture. Mt. Lebanon Library also hosts STEAM festivals throughout the library and some activities off-site with partner organizations.

Last summer, during their virtual programming, they had Maker Kits to give out and online programming for residents to follow along with at home. Some videos were done live, and there were also recordings which became available and archived for easy access and to refer back to.

Speaking with Sharon Bruni, the Public Library Administrator, she notes how making programs allows for others to take an interest in new and different programs and helps create a community of makers. She also mentions how with the generous continuous support of Noelle and Matt’s Maker Space, they have been able to put an emphasis on STEAM programming which allows for social and team learning.

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