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Matt's Maker Space Spotlight: The Education Partnership

Our partnership with The Education Partnership (TEP) began in August of 2019 and we opened up a Matt’s Maker Space on the mezzanine level of their facility last year! Their goal is to help connect educators with the technology tools and creative curriculum for their use in their classrooms and the Matt’s Maker Space is a welcoming place for teachers to engage in STEAM Maker activities.

The Matt’s Maker Space located at TEP is a space for creative making and professional development. They host trainings for educators to learn how to use tools such as 3D printers, Cricuts, embroidery/sewing and more. The space is flexible and can allow teachers and volunteers to move around furniture to meet their needs.

The Education Partnership hosts makers from regional nonprofit organizations and school districts to develop projects, and teachers can utilize supplies from TEP’s Teacher Resource Center and STEAM Kits for their classrooms to use. Through TEP’s STEAM Lending Library, teachers from partnered schools are able to sign out pre-packed kits or electronics and supplement their lesson and their respective school. Similar to a library, once a teacher is finished, they return the materials to be used by another educator.

Another great resource from TEP is their STEAM Maker Mondays. These are informational Facebook broadcasts to help engage makers virtually as well. They provide instructions for an activity, spread information, and partner with organizations to collaborate.

Last fall, they hosted a few training and volunteering events! As a training opportunity for teachers, they provided Box Building training with the Children’s Museum. Due to COVID restrictions, there were a limited number of spots and the event required masks. Matt’s Maker Space also had our volunteers pack Homework Kits for our Adopted School, Pittsburgh Schiller Academy in our space at TEP!

If you would like to Volunteer and/or donate to The Education Partnership, you can check out this page!

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