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St. Paul’s Episcopal Nursery School
MT. LEBANON, PA · 2018

St. Paul’s Episcopal Nursery introduces early learners, from age 2 to 6, to maker education. St. Paul’s focuses on play-based learning and hands-on exploration, and making education is exactly in line with this pedagogy of natural growth and problem-solving. Students work both in groups and individually on projects which might be prepared by their teacher or may be part of the project library that St. Paul’s has prepared to encourage teachers to use the space and get kids creating.


The St. Paul’s space includes many craft materials which are used for projects related to stories read in class. For example, after reading a story about Christmas trees, the children then created trees using cups, and after reading a story about different facial features, the children used various materials and parts to create faces! Additionally, the kids at St. Paul’s have been learning a lot about snow this past winter, and have even created shovels to inspect snow with. They also have weekly “Spark” ideas which are featured on a board, to jump-start activity if they do not have a class-related investigation.

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